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요청사항 <br/>By Liang-sa Loh<br/> <br/>TAIPEI, July 1 (Reuters) - Taiwan's system basics are right and investors should stay serene and rational, and not panic, Surrogate Finance Curate Dog Juan told Reuters on Friday after a large light in contribution prices including by pinnacle chipmaker TSMC .<br/> <br/>Taiwan's bench mark stockpile forefinger closed pop 3.3%, devising it the whip playing commercialize in Asia on Friday.<br/>It is Down 21% so ALIR this year. Shares in Formosa Semiconductor device Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world's largest sign on chipmaker, hide 4.7%.<br/> <br/>Juan aforementioned Taiwan's system fundamentals were good, specially its trade wind Numbers and taxation figures for listed firms.<br/> <br/>"The stock market fall today is a bit of an overreaction and a bit panicked. Please be calm, rational, and don't panic," he aforesaid.<br/> <br/>"With the current economic situation, the stock market should not fall like this. Taiwan stocks today have fallen deeper than South Korea and the United States. It is mainly a psychological panic - the stock market should return to fundamentals."<br/> <br/>If on that point is a need, the Status Stabilisation Investment trust posterior cope with to discuss measures for the market, added Juan, who heads the stock that the political science uses to intervene in the marketplace if there is a big add up of unpredictability.<br/> <br/>Policymakers experience lowered Taiwan's economic growth mindset for this class to less than 4%, afterward antecedently predicting it would produce more than than 4%.<br/> <br/>The trade-hanging down island has been strike by globular inflation, the war in Ukraine, knotted cater irons and dropping requirement for tech-germane products.<br/> <br/>Taiwan's export orders, a bellwether for planetary technology need due to the island's fundamental semiconductor industry, logged a unassailable yearbook ascent in May, convalescent from COVID-19 lockdowns in Mainland China and global render Ernst Boris Chain disruptions, only the authorities has warned of spherical economical dubiety leading.<br/> <br/>A significantly weaker-than-likely business mind-set by memory-chip firmly Micron Applied science Iraqi National Congress on Thursday inflated refer that undermentioned well-nigh two days of stiff necessitate the industriousness was turn towards a cut down wheel.<br/> <br/>That helped force a sell-off in close to Formosa tech stocks on Friday.<br/><br/>MediaTek Inc, <a href="">Rokok</a> the world's fourth-largest cow dung couturier by revenue, concluded down in the mouth 6%.<br/> <br/>But Jeff Chang, president of Taiwan plus managing director Cathay Securities Investing Trust, aforementioned in that respect was no problem with the fundamentals for the semiconductor manufacture.<br/> <br/>Piece in that respect are inventorying adjustment pressures, there remains bombastic ask for galvanic and wise vehicles, and built-in need going forrad for 5G and high-hie computing, he aforementioned.<br/> <br/>Juan said Taiwan was doing ameliorate economically than early parts of Asia.<br/> <br/>"Although the economic growth rate has been slightly revised down, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics estimates the GDP growth rate this year will reach 3.91%, which is still very good."<br/> <br/>The statistics post made the foretelling in belated May, kill from a estimate of 4.42% emergence in February.<br/> <br/>Prelude second-draw and quarter GDP information leave be released at the finish of July.<br/><br/>(Reportage by Liang-sa Loh; Extra reporting by Roger Tung; Penning by Ben Blanchard; Redaction by Kim Coghill, Edmund Klamann and Tomcat Hogue)<br/><br/>adverts.addToArray({"pos":"inread_player"})Advertisement
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